Welcome to the Wadeside NFT initiative, where we're rolling out a tiered release of our digital collectibles. We kick off with a Private Auction designed for our partners and select invitees, ensuring a dedicated early access. Following this, we'll broaden the reach with a free Airdrop to our WADE F&F community, before opening the doors to the general public through a Public Auction. This approach allows for a fair and systematic distribution, inviting participation from all corners of our community.

CategoryPrivate AuctionAirdrop MechanicsPublic Auction


Partners and select invitees

WADE F&F NFT Holders (excluding listed inventory, must be held in wallet)

Open to all

How to Participate

Access via WADESIDE portal, place bids in ETH

Automatically eligible if holding NFT in wallet

Access via WADESIDE portal, place bids in ETH


ETH deposit (specified in invite)

N/A (free airdrop, must hold NFT in wallet)

ETH deposit for bidding


5 days, specific dates TBA

After Private Auction, specific dates TBA

Weekly releases for 43 weeks

Sale mechanism

For unsuccessful bids or the fractional Ethereum in successful bids, participants can retrieve their Ethereum by pressing the "claim & refund" button. This ensures that while you have a chance to win WADESIDE, any portion of your bid not leading to a purchase or excess due to rounding will be promptly returned to you.

Security Audit

Our auction runs on Ethereum's blockchain with full transparency, using smart contracts for all operations. Team wallets are secured with multi-signature technology. We've completed a security audit with Certik, ensuring our platform's safety. Check out the audit results here: Certik Audit. Your trust and security are our top priorities.

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